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Modern quilting guild in Atlanta, Georgia.

Wellspring Living - Community Service

The Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild has partnered with Wellspring Living to help put an end to human trafficking.

Little did we know, Atlanta is the number one city in the country for human trafficking. This is not what we want Atlanta to be known for! The statistics are appalling and upsetting, and we want to do what we can to help Wellspring Living give a new life to as many girls as possible.

From the Wellspring Living website:

“Survivors of the child sex trade in Atlanta have lived through a hellish reality. Wellspring for Girls guides these victims (ages 12-17) away from that dark place and into a bright future. We use innovative counseling and education techniques to offer hope, healing and restored dignity in a holistic way.

By providing counseling, group therapy, education, life skills and vocational training, family reunification as well as spiritual care, the Wellspring for Girls Program helps exploitation survivors heal and move forward.

Wellspring for Girls would not exist without partnerships. By collaborating with a licensed children’s home, a non-traditional school, groups in the community and individuals like you, we have created a program proven to be effective for girls who have been victimized sex trafficking and forced prostitution.”

Wellspring Living has an 84% success rate for the recovery of the victims while the national average for many recovery programs is about 9%.

The Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild will contribute to this organization in a number of ways. Some of the projects we have already planned include:  making several quilts to raffle (proceeds going directly to Wellspring Living), holding public events to raise money on their behalf, making quilts that will stay in the girls’ home, making toiletry bags, pillowcases and other items for the girls to keep, and possibly take a training course to work with the girls one-on-one.

Wellspring Living also has a few consignment shops that are operated by volunteers with proceeds going to Wellspring Living. We encourage you to shop there, and please donate any women’s or children’s clothing, housewares or toys during your spring cleaning. You can find more information about the thrift stores here.

If you would like to contribute to our fundraising and quilting efforts to help this amazing organization, please watch our website for updates and upcoming events, and please contact us with any questions or suggestions at

Projects for Wellspring Living

Our first project will be creating a donation quilt using the railroad block for Wellspring to raffle off for proceeds. Instructions can be found here, and blocks will be due at the March meeting (3/4/12).

We are also working towards creating 24 quilts to permanently reside at the rehabilitation facility that houses the girls in the program. We are making quilts to coordinate with the following paint colors from Sherwin Williams.  If you are interested in helping with these quilts, please email us. You can piece, quilt, or bind to your skill and comfort level.

 Sherwin Williams Paint Color
 Equivalent Kona Solid Color
 SW 6408 - 09 Wheat Grass 198 Parsley
 SW 6241 -UO 03 Aleutian 1123 Dresden Blue
 SW 6415 - CC 17 Hearts of Palm 1706 Celery
 SW 6211 - Rainwash Blue 1328 Seafoam

If you are making a quilt to donate, please use the colors above as a guide; the batting needs to be 100% cotton. The quilt should be a twin size, at least 65x88".